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 point system

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In this world we use attribute points to seperate all ninja groups. To get points you have to post: for academy students. they get 1 point every 25 words they post, for genin, it remains the same, chunnin every 50 words, for Special Jounin every 75 words, and jounnin is every 100 words.100 is the point cap unless an increase is asked for by a ready rper wanting to up their game. Keep in mind after every rank gained your character gains 5 stamina points, excluding specific special gains. This greats a max of 50 if you go through every rank(including Anbu captain.)

to become the next rank you must gather the point max for your rank. The point max is specified below. Be aware that points are collected after the thread has concluded not before. So when you start a thread as a genin you do not magically become chunnin level ninja. The max point is an addition to your original points no concluded so to achieve lets say chunnin from a student. You would need 85 points not simply 50.

academy student-gennin=10 points

gennin-chunnin=25 points

chunnin-Special jounnin-50 points

Special Jounnin-Jounnin-100

jounnin-anbu= you must have recieved 250 points, and be chosen by the kage of your village.

Anbu Captain-This is the first Anbu in each village. He is considered the leader no matter if he is surpassed by one of his members unless beaten in a challenge battle. This must be a battle asked for by the challenger to the Admin and the current Captain.

Becoming a Kage is a gift given after you achieve Anbu rank. One is chosen for each village by the Admin's panel. So the better you do the better chance you have of becoming an Kage. This rank can be challenged only if the Admins agree unanimously.

when you finish a rp, then message me and i will go over and count out your words and give you your points. your points you can do what ever you wish with them but make sure they are correct by allowing an Admin to look over them thoroughly.
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point system
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