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 rules to obey

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1. everyone must start as an academy student. its fair so veryone has a fighting chance. for those detailed roleplayers will advance quickly.

2. Be as descriptive as possible. Very few people have the gift of being able to RP off of a sentence and it makes it boring. Three or four sentences minimum. For a fight scene, it is necessary to be as descriptive when it comes to the moves. However, do not go into a whole gory fight sequence. I doubt anybody would want to read that.

3. Stay in character. Out of Character talk should be saved for storyline discussion threads.

4. No God Modding. If we see it we kill you and remove you from the RP. No one likes a character that ruins all the fun.

5.Characters must go in the "new characters" thread.

6.A "post" is the next person to put something down after you.

7.DO NOT DOUBLE POST! Please, if you need to add something on, then use the EDIT button. RP does count toward your post count and double posting makes you look like a post-whore.

8.You are allowed more than one character. However, only one character is allowed in an RP at a time. If you have more than one character in the RP, not only does it make it confusing for you, but it makes it confusing for the other players.

9.This is an Alternate Universe, Naruto characters do not exist.

10. keep it turn based. you post then wait for the next person to post, do NOT post right after every post if you have three or more people in the post. wait your turn.

So, if you break these rules, there will be these consequences:

1. You will be asked not to do it again.

2. If you insist on breaking the rules, you will be warned.

3. If a warning isn't good enough for you, you will be reported to me.

4. If being reported isn't enough, you will be suspended.

5. If you insist after your suspension, you will be banned.

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rules to obey
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