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 Understanding the Ranks

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Understanding the Ranks Empty
PostSubject: Understanding the Ranks   Understanding the Ranks EmptyWed Mar 07, 2012 3:00 am

Here is where we talk about the ranks and their traits. Simple as that no more no less. These are rules to be obeyed no ignored by everyone. Every rank comes with 5 stamina unless stated differently.

Academy student-As this rank you are given your standard 25 points, 10 stamina, and 3 D rank jutsu. This is the simplest of all ranks. They have no real purpose but to become a genin to be considered a ninja.

Genin-You gain 2 new c rank techs, keeping the original 3 of course. A good Ninja never forgets. a technique. The techs must be approved by an Admin of course don't want anyone to think their b ranks are c ranks you know.

Chunnin- This gives you access to 1 B rank technique. This also bumps the amount of jutsu up to 8 making for more mobility. Sadly you can't have more than 3 of any tech except D and as stated earlier you are only allowed 1 B.

Special Jounnin-This is the last rank of standard ninja. You are allowed 10 techs now 1 of which is allowed to be an A rank. You also gain a second B rank attack spot. This is your final jump between standard ninja and advanced ninja. So respect is given much more freely by everyone else which in it's own right is a good thing.

Jounnin-This rank first off allows you too revamp your entire Jutsu list but once again keep in mind no more than 3 of any type, including B now. You still only have 1 A rank technique but instead you are allowed one special weapon or item to be carried with you. This can range from a sword to a childhood toy you randomly want to carry with you. If you have an questions on whats allowed please ask. To make it more entertaining you only get a 2 point stamina boost.

Anbu- You gain your second A rank skill as well as your first S rank. Your allowed a second special item spot. This just as before can be anything with in your imagination that our Admins see is logical. You also gain a bad ass mask of any type of animal you want free of charge and a tattoo(anbu tattoo your allowed others before hand if your character is of age). As a treat you get your other 3 points to your previously stamina but nothing else. You also achieve 2 extra jutsu slots.

Anbu Captain-If you achieve this you get a second S rank tech. You also get your standard 5 stamina points and another item slot. At this point your very powerful and are awarded 3 more jutsu slots. The final gift in this one is to be allowed to have 3 of any technique excluding S of course.This is to make people rush to become Anbu before the other creating some interesting competition.

Kage-Your the boss now getting the max on everything if you played your cars right. You gain 5 new jutsu slots, you gain 10 stamina, your item amount increases by 2, and you gain the ability to have 3 S ranks attacks, 5 A and b each, and any amount of C and D jutsu.

Understand you can remain any rank you want and still get the equivalent bonus' except for anbu captain and kage. You may move skip ranks if you have the experience of the next. Ex-A chunnin that is Jounin level has the same stats as a Jounin and when He reaches the level of Anbu he is allowed to skip to Anbu. This is purely for character creation purposes like creating drama because he is a lower rank yet stronger than a couple high ups.

Also keep in mind that stamina is how long you last in a fight endurance wise. not how much you can take. A fight can end in the second post if the attack is fatal or extremely damaging depending on the circumstances.

(Keep in mind we do allow you to be creative so if you wish to message us about a group like the seven swordsman or the Akatsuki, feel free the worst we can do is say no. We often times will stride to help you but remember we only say no if it doesn't make the rp more interesting. If you interested message an admin for an app for it.)

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Understanding the Ranks
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